An Open Letter to Our Customers: How COVID-19 Has Impacted the Hair Industry

To Our Most Beloved Customers,

Hold on to those lace fronts, bundles, and coins because… It’s getting real out here, y’all!

Given the past year that we have all had, we hope that our letter reaches you as you are in the best of health and wellness. We appreciate your business and the loyalty that you have shown to OctoberSilk and we would be remiss if we did not keep you abreast of the changes coming within the next few months for our brand. While some may have already learned of this, for others, this information is new. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there have been quite a few changes in the hair industry. One of which being the fact that the number of supplies, more specifically, Swiss Lace products have become increasingly difficult to locate.

While this sounds like a cause for alarm, we want to assure our customers that there is no need to panic. OctoberSilk vows to continue providing quality, top-of-the-line extensions to our customers, regardless of the shortage. In order to do this, we will be raising the prices of our bundles by approximately, 7% to 10%, which would equate to about $5 to $10. Additionally, 10% to 15% for our wig units. This price increase will allow us to continue working with our wonderful and dedicated team of suppliers who provide us with the absolute best products they have to offer.

As we have all seen throughout the course of this ravishing pandemic, many natural resources have become increasingly hard to come by. In the beginning, we all experienced the hike in prices for basic essentials like water and toilet paper, due to the unbalanced levels of supply and demand. At this point in time, we are currently witnessing the same type of situation with natural resources like chicken, wood, and even gas. Unfortunately, this type of occurrence becomes anticipated in moments like the present—where suppliers rely on the sales of their products heavily for survival and the continuance of business. However, they are unable to meet the requirements of their consumers because the requests for products are coming in at unfamiliar levels. In this case, specifically, this pandemic forced many hair companies to purchase the Swiss Lace Products at alarming rates, which eventually led to a shortage and prompted the suppliers (overseas) to raise the price on their products for their own survival.

Our intent was never to allow our customers to feel the impact of this shortage. However, as the industry becomes increasingly competitive and supplies become more and more difficult to locate at reasonable prices, we have had no other choice but to raise the prices of our own products, in order for us to continue delivering the top tier qualities that we have been providing our customers with since our start. One of our biggest claims to fame has always been the fact that our hair is durable and can last the test of time. This is a quality that we refuse to lose in our product. This price increase will protect both us and our customers from having to purchase hair that will only last for about 2-3 months, maximum. That, alone, will create an even bigger financial responsibility on our customers, which will eventually develop into a burden. It is a great joy to receive the reviews that we often do, telling us how many of you all are still able to wear the bundles that you’ve purchased months and even up to a year ago.

As of right now, many hair distributors are struggling to meet the demands of their clients because they have either stopped the production on their Swiss Lace or they are selling out, quickly! This is also the same for bundles. So many companies have taken the liberty of purchasing at record breaking amounts to ensure that they will be able to meet the demands of their own loyal customers and this pattern has created quite the deficit in available products for others. The market has not just become oversaturated with other hair companies, however. It has also become flooded with many women who are simply interested in switching up their styles for a fraction of the cost, without having to go through their stylists to do so. This puts many stylists and hair companies at a disadvantage because the normal number of products that would be available to us, becomes almost scarce.

We’re sure you’re probably wondering what you, our customers, can do to ensure that this price increase doesn’t affect you in such a major way and we’re definitely here to help.

  • First things first, we ask that you don’t make any “panic purchases”. “What is a “Panic Purchase?” You may ask. A “Panic Purchase” is any purchase that customers would make to ensure that they can “stock up” on products. There is no need to frantically purchase closures, lace fronts, or even bundles. October Silk has you covered! Our goal is to continue to keep our supply up and readily available for any and everyone to purchase, when necessary.
  • Secondly, we are asking all of our customers to refer to our Hair Care Guide to be properly informed about how to maintain the life and quality of your bundles, closures, and units. The guide is filled with helpful information about washing, moisturizing, styling, and even installing your October Silk Hair. These tips can be used on newly purchased products (as the Hair Care guide offers unboxing information, as well) and even some of your older products. You would be totally surprised at how resilient hair is… a quick wash, detangle, and style can bring one of your older units or some of your older bundles back to life very quickly.

We know is an unexpected announcement to some. However, we also know that we can get through this together. Our goal has always been to maintain a high level of transparency with our customers and that is truly our hope for this letter. We do not want any of our customers to be alarmed or afraid. However, we want to keep each and every one of you in the loop regarding all of our changes and updates as we all try to regain our footing after this unforeseen series of events.


Thank You All for Supporting October Silk Hair and We Appreciate You So Much More Than You Know!