October Silk Hair Extensions is a leading provider of professional beauty enrichment products. We provide the convenience of glamour and affordability. Our 100% human remy hair extensions are of the highest quality, and are as soft as silk fabric. Our Chiffon, Satin, and Velvet Collections are all inspired by the finest of silk. Rest assured, the value of those fabrics mirrors the value and quality of our hair. .

Each collection goes through meticulous quality control to ensure the highest quality standards for long-lasting extensions. Beautiful hair is our first priority. As one of the most trusted online-based sellers of premium hair extensions, we work consistently to provide our customers with the best.



Our commitment to think outside the box, to go beyond the norm when providing customer service and combined professional expertise, passion, and commitment to continual growth within October Silk.

We believe our customers are our biggest assets. Without you, there is no us. Therefore, customer satisfaction is key to October Silk's success. We continue to provide first-class service and bomb hair extensions. Our products are handcrafted with 100 percent human hair and steam processed to create bountiful curls and waves. There are no synthetic fillers, chemicals or artificial shine added to any of our products .