Processed vs Unprocessed Hair Extensions


Within the past 10-15 years, the Hair Extension Industry has grown, exponentially.  Many people believe this growth pattern has been steadily increasing because of the “Virgin Hair” sector.  However, that isn’t a fully accurate assessment. The Hair Extension Industry has grown so swiftly because of the constant demand for change. Women everywhere want variety. The desire to switch up your look in a matter of one installation is very convenient for the everyday woman. Some women prefer to purchase “Virgin Hair” and there is nothing wrong with it. However, the processing of Virgin Hair can be quite time consuming and even financially draining. Especially since many companies advertise “Virgin Hair” when it has been processed, chemically. Here at October Silk Hair Extensions, we pride ourselves on providing you with Quality STEAMED Processed Hair, which removes the hassle from your hair extension search.


At October Silk Hair Extensions, we provide our customers with quite an array of Hair Extensions. We have numerous collections named after the finest of fabrics, because the value of those fabrics mirrors the value and quality of our hair.  We process our hair using a very different process than most other companies. To properly and effectively treat the hair without damaging it, we use the Steam Processing Method. This process is carried out by our exquisite team of professionals who want to deliver the very best to our clients.

The Steam Processing Method has become increasingly popular (as opposed to the Chemical Processing Method) as of lately and there are countless reasons why. For example, Steam Processed Hair is a lot more uniformed regarding the body and movement of the hair. This is because the Steam Processing Method trains the hair to blend and move with ease as though it was your own. Steam Processing softens the hair and allows it to be combed, curled, and styled just as you would with your own hair. With “Virgin Hair” this is a more tedious process because you or your stylist would need to manipulate the hair to gain your desired look. Steam Processed Hair provides a luster like no other, which allows your hair to be the focal point of any look.

Not only does Steam Processed Hair have great qualities like uniformity, luster and shine, but it also colors very well! Our Hair Collections feature carefully colored quality Hair Extensions as well. This can be attributed to the Steam Processing Method as well. With most “Virgin Hair” companies, the hair must be dyed numerous times to achieve the “Natural Color” look. However, with our Steam Processed Extensions, we can guarantee a great natural color match. Our shades aren’t too dark, too light, too dull, or too artificial, which allows your extensions to be undetectable.

The Hair Industry is a very widespread industry filled with many different options for Hair Extensions. We completely understand how confusing and tedious it may be to find a company who provides HEALTHY QUALITY HAIR EXTENSIONS. Our Steamed Processed Hair still has the cuticle intact thus making it true Remy Hair. Many companies label their extensions as “Virgin Hair” when in fact, they have been CHEMICALLY processed and manipulated to mimic the appearance of “Virgin Hair”. Whereas, our extensions at October Silk Hair have been Steam Processed to maintain and ensure the quality of all extensions. Here are some KEY FEATURES to help you identify STEAM PROCESSED HAIR EXTENSIONS from CHEMICALLY PROCESSED HAIR EXTENSIONS (Often passed off as Virgin Hair):

  1. Texture- The hair may be dry, or it may not have the described texture.
  2. Color- Some companies will add in additional fibers/strands of another color and pass them off as “Virgin Hair”.
  3. Movement and Uniformity- All strands move in the same direction. Minimal to no shedding at all.
  4. Cheap Prices for HIGH QUALITY HAIR- If the price is too low, explore other options. Quality Hair is an investment.
  5. Lice or any other small bugs/organisms- Look out for any infestation. The hair should always be washed before wearing.


Here at October Silk Hair Extensions it is our mission and purpose to provide our customers with Quality Steam Processed Hair Extensions ideal for any desired style. Your hair is an extension of who you are, and we want each of our #SilkDolls to have the best hair possible without hassle. Your hair is your investment and our number one goal is to ensure the value of your return investment. Your hair will last longer, shine brighter, not shed, and move with uniformity when ordered from us, here at October Silk Hair Extensions.